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    Freiburg is located in the warmest region of Germany, surrounded by vineyards and Black Forest. A green mayor governs the „green“ part of the city, internationally successful solar manufacturers produce here, the cradle of nuclear opponents is in the immediate vicinity – no wonder that Freiburg has achieved worldwide fame as „Green City“. It goes without saying that approximately 220,000 residents mostly travel with a bicycle. Short distances can be found not only in the city. France is just 20km away and even Switzerland is 60km away. The city offers cultural and artistic diversity, education and research, industry management and mid-tier companies, sports and leisure activities in addition to its landmarks “Cathedral” and “Bächle” (small stream in the city centre).

    Freiburg offers surprisingly wide range of cultural spectrum for a „small“ city: the big theatre, concert hall, small grounds, studios and galleries, large number of small and large museums, numerous small and big movie theatres.

    The city centre – among the first city centres of Germany to be free of cars – invites visitors to shop and relax; numerous cafés and restaurants offer regional and international specialities. Night life enthusiasts can find numerous clubs and bars, and for those who need refreshment in the meantime, they must visit Münsterplatz to taste one of the most popular sausages in the market.
    Approximately 30,000 students attend the Albert Ludwig University every year, one of the oldest and renowned universities in Germany, and diverse colleges. Fairs and conventions at several locations on different topics attract interested public from the entire world to Freiburg. Different companies leading across Europe such as Solar AG, EFD Induction or even Micronas and LITEF have their headquarters in Freiburg. Freiburg sport clubs play at the highest level, the best-known representatives – the football team SC Freiburg – played in the 1st national league, ice-hockey club EHC Freiburg (the wolves) plays intermittently in DEL, the women basketball team „kingfishers“ (USC Freiburg) shot hoops successfully in the first league. For those who prefer, there are kilometre-long cycleways in the city and the surrounding area. Black Forest is a true paradise for hikers; there are numerous springs – including the widely known hot springs – and lakes, WM-mountain bike routes and several hidden trails; one can climb on the rock face or in the climbing gym, paraglide and ski in alpine and Nordic. Freiburg has suitable options for (almost) all sporty desires.

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    Black Forest

    The good 150 kilometre long and up to 1493 meter high Black Forest offers numerous trails – perfectly maintained and signposted by Black Forest Society – invites you to extensive trips. Whether short walks or challenging multi-day hikes, you will certainly find the best for you. Feldberg (1493) – Freiburg’s „local mountain“ – is the highest peak, Belchen (1414) is the panoramic mountain of Black Forest – sometimes with view up to Alps – and the small meadow valley – the old traditions are still maintained here – can be best reached with public transport. The impressive spots of the Black Forest Todtmoos and Titisee are „on the way to the top“. Include an intermediate stop, visit the typical architecture and enjoy a piece of Black Forest gateau there, from where it comes and belongs: in the homeland of „Bollenhut“. This distinctive feature of black forests traditional costume has not only become the symbol of the entire Black Forest, but it is also extremely convenient. Thus, the colour of „Bollen“ represents the marital status of the person wearing it. Red refers to single, black refers to married.

    Black Forest appears completely white in winter and the excellent snow invites you to ski in alpine, cross-country skiing, snowshoe treks or simply to walks in the wonderful snow-covered landscape.

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    The warmest region of Germany with excellent soils has given rise to a small yet fine wine region of international stature. Even the Romans have found the ideal climate for viniculture and developed one or the other vineyard in addition to the hot springs in Badenweiler. On Kaiserstuhl – just a few kilometres away from Freiburg – several grape varieties flourish on volcanic soil, e.g. Müller-Thurgau, Riesling, Silvaner and several from Burgundy family.

    Markgräfler region stretches towards south; it is known for its excellent chasselas, which has its origin here. This region invites you to walks and expeditions through the vineyards on bicycle particularly in summer and autumn. Numerous seasonal wine taverns – vineyards or farms with connected restaurant – offer local specialities such as tarte flambée and new sweets and there are wide range of options with asparagus in spring.

    Places worth visiting: Kaiserstuhl, Staufen, Badenweiler, Vita Classica

    Region Europa-Park

    The „Region Europa-park“ welcomes you with many activities as well as avenues for recreation. Enjoy the nature in the black forest or go punting in Taubergiessen nature reserve. You can also visit the nearby cities Freiburg, Baden-Baden, Breisach, Colmar or Strasbourg and you are sure to be mesmarized by the charm of these cities. If you love engaging in different activities, this place is completely worth it. Be it golf, hiking, mountain biking, nordic walking; the list of options never ends. You will be impressed!

    The „Region Europa-Park“ covers 19 places. All of them are located in the geographical regions Elztal, Kaiserstuhl – Tuniberg and Ortenau.

    Located the foothill, between Reintal and black forest, with favourable climatic conditions, nestled in vineyards, lush meadows and colourful forests, lies the city of Bad Krozingen, the northernmost and most recent of the Breisgau towns. This town is located on the outskirts of the upper Rhine plain, which is expected to be a great European transport axis. The urban core, along with the four districts, has more than 10,000 inhabitants and offers some tourist attractions. Bad Krozingen is an ideal point of departure for your day trips in all seasons. Whether it is visiting vineyards with a panoramic view, blooming orchard or picturesque, magnificent baroque, you will experience an incomparable range of experiences and leisure activities.

    We have composed a small list of options for you:

    The „Rust“ resort is just five kilometers away from Bad Krozingen. It is the home town of Germany’s biggest amusement park „the Europa-Park“, a true paradise for people seeking thrill or even those looking for rest and relaxation.

    Discover jungle-like floodplain forests in Taubergiessen nature reserve, experience melodious concerts and traditional festivals.

    Explore the city of Freiburg, the southernmost and the sunniest city in Germany, by travelling only 30 km by car or convenient public transport. It is located at the beautiful tri-junction of Switzerland, Alsace and the black forest. Visit the European Capital and human metropolis of Strasbourg which draws its power and beauty from its history, culture and geographic location. This place has a unique cultural and architectural heritage. The entire city center has been declared a “World Cultural Heritage” by UNESCO because of its diverse and extensive cultural heritage.

    Experience and discover the fascinating world of nature in Rheinauen. The nature centre Rheinauen is a training and knowledge centre with the main focus on nature conservation, environmental education and forest management. The centre is in the vicinity of the Camp Resort of the Europa-Park.

    Discover the Black Forest. It is Germany’s biggest connected mountain range. You will find an extraordinary variety of nature and culture in this place. The most popular excursion destinations are Titisee and Schluchsee. The Triberg waterfalls, the places Kandel, Belchen and Feldberg should not be missed in any case. With 1493 m height, it is the highest mountain peak of southern Black Forest region. Moreover, you can enjoy an excellent panorama view from Belchen.

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